Engineering contracting
Jiang Su Xinqi Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. has advanced technology, equipment, experienced design and construction team. We are dedicated to provide users of the landfill leachate and the high concentration organic wastewater treatment engineering design, installation, construction, engineering, commissioning and operation, such as one-stop service.

Technical services
Landfill leachate and other wastewater treatment design, feasibility study report has been prepared to provide technical consulting and technology services.

Product supply
According to customer needs, various models of landfill leachate and high concentration organic wastewater treatment products, including integrated membrane bio-reactor devices, efficient aerobic biochemical reactor device, ultrafiltration integrated device, nanofiltration integrated equipment and reverse osmosis integrated device.

Operational services
Landfill leachate and high concentration organic wastewater treatment facility operation services based on customer needs, including operational guidance, operational contracting services. For a reasonable allocation of the operating management team and operations staff. Operation and Maintenance of equipment and facilities maintenance.

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